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About Barcode LLC

Barcode is an innovative company, specializing in barcode scanning solutions, which aspire to transform the traditional barcode scanners into an accurate and fast barcode-scanning mobile app, affordable for any business.

The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is also represented in Germany, Sofia and Bulgaria.

Barcode’s  solutions portfolio includes a Barcode Scanner SDK, based on unique technology, which is robust enough for the most demanding, enterprise-grade applications  and customizable, rapidly deployable enterprise mobile app (for e.g. ticketing, track and trace, or inventory management)

As passionate entrepreneurs our goal is to replicate a laser scanner-like scanning experience and to provide great and timely support for our customers.

Ultimately, seeing is believing though. We thus encourage you to download and test our free SDKs here


Founded in 2015, Barcode, LLC. is the recognized vendor of solutions, tools and APIs for unstructured data extraction. Thousands of companies are using our technologies to replace manual data entry, decrease costs and risks in their business processes. Our products and solutions are recognized by respectful online and offline magazines such as Wall Street Journal, PC Advisor, CNET and many others. We also support academic and non-profit organizations involved into cancer research and cancer eliminating activities.


 Our mission

Our mission is to help our customers to uncover and extract data trapped inside documents and other-sources.


 Our Solutions

We provide solutions for these industries:

  • Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • and others

Contact Sales to get in touch and find more about solutions we offer.

 Our products

What can we provide for you? A good set of well-designed tools for software developers:

  • Barcode Generator SDK to generate, validate, extract and insert barcodes using all known 1D and 2D standards;
  • Barcode Reader SDK to recognize and process barcodes from all popular image formats or PDF documents;
  • All our SDKs are available via monthly subscriptions as Cloud API (REST Web API);
  • You can easily integrate them with other popular applications them using ZAPIER APP.

Our components come with .NET, Mono.Net, and ActiveX support, along with hundreds of sample codes for each platform. Apart from this, you can always count on our fast and developer-friendly customer service.


Why choose Barcode?

What will you like about Barcode most of all?

  • We use modern and sophisticated technologies when developing our tools;
  • Our products are developer-friendly: we put a lot of source code examples and cases so you can start using the new technology in minutes without reading the documentation;
  • You’ll enjoy our customer support: we recognize how important it is to have the ability to directly ask engineers who built the product or service.